Oxygen Forensics Software

Oxygen Forensics is a highly advanced specialized forensic software that is used by professionals like law enforcement investigators for extraction and analysis of data or information related to crime from cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. This special software is designed to allow importing and analyzing of CDR files which are (Call Data Records) that have been received from mobile service providers. It does not matter the difference in their column formats and file layouts.


This software has been created to include a variety of nice features like Applications, Passwords, Deleted data recovery, Timeline, Aggregated Contacts, and much more. this software is designed to support different devices that include Android OS devices, Apple iOS devices, Blackberry devices, Symbian OS smartphones, Windows Phone devices, Windows Mobile 5/6 devices, Bada OS devices, Chinese (MTK) devices, Feature phones, and more. For in-lab usage, a complete Oxygen Forensics kit is available. This kit can be ordered online and you may download a free brochure if you need more information.

Who Uses the Software 

When data extractions are performed using this advanced software, it can then be brought to the forensic lab for printing, examining, and using as a reference in the court. Many professionals are starting rely more and more on this software investigating crime on devices. These professionals may include the FBI, investigators in crime, CIA, law enforcement, labs, mobile forensic teachers, and more. Useful guides are provided with this software so it will be simple and easy to use. There is also a free version of this software available. Today, this software is playing a major role in crime investigations all across the world.

Reduces time spent on recovering

This is certainly a mobile forensic software that goes beyond standard logical analysis of cell phones, smartphones and tablets. Investigators may even extract and decrypt the iCloud token from iCloud for Windows application installed on a user’s PC. It also greatly reduces time spent on recovering passwords, improves recovery rates and provides more control. This PC software was developed to work on Windows 7 or later. You will be getting the best advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services.

Save valuable time and hassle

The maker of this highly advanced software is extremely dedicated in delivering the most universal forensic solutions and performance covering the widest range of mobile devices running Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and other operating systems. This brand has received high ratings and reviews as being excellent all around. This is the worldwide leading maker of the most highly advanced forensic data examination tools created using the best modern technology. You can try it because help desk personnel and thousands of private consumers rely on Oxygen Forensics products everyday. It will work for you as well saving you a whole lot of hassle, valuable time because when investigating a crime every second is crucial to the investigation. You can share what you have learned here with your employees and co-workers too.

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